13. Assumption of Risk

YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CLUB EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES OCCURRING AT CLUB EVENTS INVOLVE KNOWN AND UNANTICIPATED RISKS THAT COULD RESULT IN PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL INJURY OR DAMAGE TO YOURSELF, YOUR PROPERTY OR TO THIRD PARTIES.  YOU UNDERSTAND THAT SUCH RISKS CANNOT BE ELIMINATED WITHOUT JEOPARDIZING THE ESSENTIAL QUALITIES OF CLUB EVENTS, YOU ACCEPT AND ASSUME THE RISK EXISTING IN THAT EVENT AND ANY ACTIVITIES OCCURRING DURING SUCH EVENT AND ELECT TO PARTICIPATE IN SPITE OF THE RISKS, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN.   You agree that neither the Club, nor its members are responsible for your health. You are solely responsible for maintaining and protecting your own health.  All interactions between the Members are by mutual consent, and you should take your health into consideration in making decisions relative to such interactions.  It is the responsibility of all Members to protect themselves from sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases and infections.  You agree that you will not participate in any Club events if you knowingly have sexually transmitted and/or other communicable diseases and infections. You also recognize that the Club cannot evaluate your physical condition and medical limitations as they pertain to participation in Club events, or use of Club gear, or your own gear at Club events.  YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HAVING A THOROUGH MEDICAL EXAM PERFORMED BY A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER OF YOUR CHOICE, AND AT YOUR EXPENSE, BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN ANY CLUB EVENTS AND PRIOR TO USING ANY CLUB-PROVIDED GEAR OR EQUIPMENT.  WE ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO BE TESTED FOR SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED AND OTHER COMMUNICABLE DISEASES AND INFECTIONS REGULARLY BASED ON THEIR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER’S ADVICE FOR FREQUENCY. YOU ALSO ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ABIDING BY THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF SAID MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, AS THEY PERTAIN TO LIMITATIONS ON PARTICIPATING IN CLUB EVENTS AND USE OF CLUB-PROVIDED GEAR OR EQUIPMENT.  YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WORKING CONDITION, OR LACK THEREOF, OF GEAR OR EQUIPMENT THAT YOU PROVIDE.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INSPECTING ALL GEAR AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY THE CLUB AND IMMEDIATELY INFORMING A MEMBER OF THE CLUB STAFF OF ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS THAT YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT THE USE OR CONDITION OF SUCH CLUB SUPPLIED GEAR OR EQUIPMENT.  Energy Underground and Energy Underground Entertainment are not in association with, or represented by, any other adult social club, website, or social media group.  Links and information provided by Energy Underground on our website are offered for entertainment purposes as a resource only and is not an endorsement by us.  Links or references from other to our website or events is not cause for them to represent us. Membership, or ownership, by Club Management in other social clubs, websites, or social media groups is independent of Energy Underground and is not a representation of affiliation with Energy Underground.