14. General Health Policy

Energy Underground is dedicated to offering a safe and healthy environment for our events.  To help protect the general health of our guests we may check temperatures at the door and turn away anyone that has a fever.  If you fall in an at risk category for communicable diseases we suggest that you consider not attending parties.  We ask all members to consider the health of all in attendance and not attend if you feel sick or have symptoms of being sick.  We ask that you practice safe, responsible, and healthy behaviors by washing your hands and covering your cough or sneeze.  We also recommend that all guest practice safe sex and perform regular screenings for STIs and STDs through their doctor.

Energy Underground is not a medical provider and does not accept liability for your health.  You are responsible for consulting your physician and making informed decisions for your situation.  By regisering for an Energy Underground function you release Energy Underground, its staff, the venue and the venue staff are from liability.