7. Guest Policy

A Member may bring up to four guests to a particular Club event.  Guests may not be previous Members that were not in good standing for any reason with the Club, at our sole discretion.  Members must announce guests to Management in advance of events so that guests can be cleared and added to the event list.  Each guest may only attend one Club event every twelve (12) months and a maximum of three (3) total events before they are expected to complete a Club Membership Application and Pay the Membership Fees.  If you bring a guest, the guest must sign a printed copy of this contract before entering the Club event and such signature shall not confer Membership status upon such guest but shall constitute a legally binding contract with respect to all provisions herein concerning conduct, waiver of liability, confidentiality, privacy, and non-disclosure.  Member guests(s) are assumed to have been informed of the nature of the Club, conduct policy and all other terms and conditions herein.  A Member assumes full responsibility for notifying guests of these terms and any subsequent liability for failure to do so.  Member assumes the responsibility for guest’s behavior and conduct and is subject to violations as if the Member committed the violation themselves.