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Themed Parties

Are you seeking a way to dance, drink and socialize with your sexy friends and other like minded people?  Are you looking for a nightclub feel surrounded by people that are looking for a non monogamous experience?   Are you looking for a way to be out with others without being out in the general public?  Look no further than Energy Underground -  Our themed parties are our signature event.  We wanted a Lifestyle Club to attend in our area and decided that the only way we would ever have that was to create it. Our goal was simple,  create a night club vibe with a very sexy feeling to help people relax, enjoy themselves, and make the connections they are seeking without the prying eyes of the public.  

Lifestyle Summit

We created the Lifestyle Summit to expand lifestyle opportunities in our region, and hopefully, beyond.  We wanted to blend different genres of alternative lifestyles.  We wanted to offer some education and resources for people already in the lifestyle and for those new members looking to grow.  We also wanted to throw a multi day party full of sexy fun with sexy people.

Energy Mixers

We have been hosting Energy Mixers, or meet and mingles, from our beginnings in 2017.  We understand that  going to your first lifestyle (swinger) party can be overwhelming and full of questions.  Will we be accepted?  Will we connect with the people there?  Will people our age be there?  All these questions and more run through all of our minds as we head out to an event where we are hoping for the opportunity to make connections that will lead to sexy fun.

Energy Mixers help eases this tension because it allows you to take smaller steps.  Attend an Energy Mixer and you will be introduced to the hosts and many of the regular guests in a way that is low key.  

After Party.

Not ready for the evening to end? Neither are we!  After all of our themed parties we host an after party in a suite in our room block.  We provide snacks, mixers for your BYOB, and a space for you to continue making connections.  The club gear that we bring varies from massage table, tantric lounge, a other fun accessories to a naughty lifestyle.    


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Looking for more information about Energy Underground?  We have a FAQ page for our most frequently asked questions and we have all of our policies listed on our Site Information Page.

Still looking for more?  We are happy to answer your questions, reach out to us with our Contact Us Form. 

Needing specifics about dates, times, and locations of our Events? While we are very open with our friends we are private in public – please consider joining our membership and learning about all the perks awaiting you in the Underground!  Every member must complete a membership application and be vetted, we take Your Privacy, and the privacy of our members very serious!