Becoming A Member

What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Member?

We do charge an application fee of $15.00 for Couples and Single Females, $25.00 for Single Males.  This is a one time fee unless you leave the club.  We do not refund this fee if your Membership Application is denied.  We charge an application fee to help offset the cost/time involved with processing a Member Application, as well as to keep people not serious about this lifestyle from wasting time.

What are the Membership Fees?

That depends upon what membership that you select.  The first year membership for Couples and Singles is Free, Single Males get a discount the first year.  Attending at least one event per year earns a Membership Credit that extends this free membership for couples and Single Females, and extends the discount for Single Males.  Energy Mixers do qualify as an event for the Membership Credit.  We do offer a EUC Online Community Membership for people that just do not meet the one event minimum.  EUC Online is $25 for couples, $15 for Single Females, and $100 for Single Males. We also offer VIP Memberships that have additional discount benefits and a cost associated with them.

How Long Is a Membership Good For?

Memberships last for one year, 365 days.  We send out reminders in advance of your membership ending making sure that you want to continue your membership and ask you to review the Members Agreement at that time.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend An Event?

Our Events vary in price base on type of of event and location. Our events range from Energy Mixers that are free to attend all the way to multi day events that include rooms, meals and entertainment. We do our best to keep our prices affordable and maximize the value in what we are offering our members.

Do Single Females Get Free Admission for Events?

No.  We charge EVERYONE the same admission.  Single males do pay a higher Membership Fee and a higher Member Application fee to join.

Why Do You Allow Single Males?

We have been surveying our members for years and found that the majority of the members are in fact interested in playing with single males.   We limit the numbers of single males that are allowed to join the club, as well as the number that are allowed to attend an event.  We screen single males very carefully during the interview process and pay close attention to how they behave once in the club and we have no problem removing any member that is not honoring the Members Agreement.

Do I Have To Be A Member To Register and Attend Energy Underground Events?

Yes! Well yes for the most part. The only way you can register for an event is to get tickets through our website, the Events section is available to Full Members only.  You can attend as a GUEST of another Member once, but they must purchase your tickets and announce you as their guest.  Ready to become a member?  Join Us

How Do I Become A Member?

All members must fill out a membership application.  We verify every applicant before allowing access.  Ready to become a member?  Join Us.

Privacy and Discretion

Do You Share or Sell My Information?

No! Please read our Privacy Policy and Membership Agreement more information

Who Knows That I Am Attending A Party?

  • The staff of Energy Underground
  • In cases where we offer motel rooms your name will be given to the hotel for the room you registered for.
  • Other Members if you elect to join the event discussion group on our online community, or indicate that you are attending an event.

Who Knows I Am A Member?

  • The Management of Energy Underground.
  • Members of Energy Underground that have seen you at an event or on our online community, if you use your real name and not an alias as your screen name.

What If Another Member Outs Me?

Every member must agree to the Membership Agreement, thereby agreeing not to disclose any information about club members they learn through being a member.  Keep in mind that we are all rowing the same lifeboat, the only way to protect ourselves is by protecting the group.  We strongly caution against allowing the people you meet through the lifestyle into your personal space that you share with vanilla friends and family.  We cannot control what your lifestyle friends will learn and share when you grant them that access, and cannot be responsible for this.

Energy Underground Events

What Are Your Events Like?

That depends on what event you are attending.  We do Energy Mixers [meet and mingles], Themed Parties, After Parties, and our annual Lifestyle Summit.  Please read about each below.

What Is An Energy Mixer?

Energy Mixers are like a meet and greet and are a great way to make some connections and ease the tension of attending your first large party.  We typically meet in a bar or restaurant that has a private area for us.  There is typically a range of existing and new members in attendance.  This a very mild event as we are in the open public, we ask that all in attendance keep this in mind when considering conversation topics and volume, dress, and behavior.

What Is An After Party?

Our After Parties are an extension of our Theme Parties and Energy Mixers.  These are held in a private location for those that are looking to extend the party in a more intimate setting.

What Is The Lifestyle Summit?

This is our annual multi day event.  We blend several elements of the Energy Mixers, Themed Parties, and After Parties into one event and add some daytime fun and education.

Themed Parties

Is There Open Sex At The Parties?

We are a Off Premises Club which means that we do not have areas for sex at the parties.  We help facilitate the energy needed to make sexy connection that you will need to complete in your private space.

What Is The Dress Code?

You must dress in Theme or you must dress in appropriate wear for an upscale night club.  We do not allow dirty/stained clothes, t shirts with sayings on them, dirty shoes.  Basically we are telling you that you are here to make sexy connections so be clean, groomed and dressed to make a positive first impression.  Please see the Dress Code  for more information.

Can My Themed Costume Be Sexy?

Yes!  You need to cover nipples and groins as we still have non-lifestyle staff serving us in the event space.  Keep in mind that bathrooms are not always available in the event room so you may need to bring a coverup to wear when in public areas of the venue.

I like To Change Often, Is That Allowed?

Sure. Just keep in mind that our dress code is in effect throughout the event.  If you want to change you will still be required to meet the dress code with your new outfit.

EUC Online Community

Where Do I Look At the EUC Online Community ?

We purchased a platform and set it up as secret so the only way that you can view our platform is by an invitation from us.

Is This Facebook?

Nope!  In our opinions Facebook does not support sex positive lifestyles with their censorship and community standards.  We selected a platform that will allow us to “share" more of ourselves.

Can My Family and Friends See That I Am a part of the EUC Online Community?

Only if you show them directly or indirectly.  Our Platform does not mine your devices contacts looking for people to add.  The only way to see our platform is by invitation from us.  We only send invites out to verified members.

Can Other Members See My Personal Info?

Your profile will display the information that you input.  If you want to use an alias for your profile and a fake location that is your right.  You know best what your privacy issues are and how to handle them.