New Years Eve on the Sunset Strip

The stars have finally lined up so that we can host a New Years party, and that is why we chose the Sunset Strip as our theme.  The Sunset Strip has been home to stars, eclectic individuals, outlaws, and fans wanting to experience it all making it the perfect theme for our first New Years Party.  The Sunset Strip was the birth place of glam metal and has been the epicenter of new music for decades before and after glam with Whiskey a Go-Go, The Rainbow Lounge, Tower Records, The Cobra Lounge, and The Roxy helping launch the newest bands and entertain the fans.

This is one of those themes that will allow you to get sexy and creative all at the same time.  You can pick a character or star from the strip and go all out or maybe you want to go in with all of your friends and cum as the band that you lost your virginity to.  If you were lucky enough to live through the decades of decadence this is your chance to conjure up the mojo of the mullet and party like the sun will never cum up, if you missed the glam metal movement this is your chance to see what all the hype about Aquanet and guyliner was really about.  So bust out those leather pants that the show off the trouser snake and the fish net leggings that beg the band to invite you back stage as we celebrate like we stole a DeLorean and  went back to 1985!


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