We are headed to historic Deadwood to have some fun in a town that knows how to have a good time. We are hoping that we can make the founders of this naughty little city blush when the Sexy Train rolls into town. Deadwood has been a hot spot for outlaws, dance halls, gambling, brothels and all the best ways to have a good time being bad for well over a hundred years.   The last brothel was shut down in the 80’s so some of you may have been conceived in Deadwood!  If not we won’t tell so you can spice up your rep and gain some street cred.  We had originally planned for this to be the Lifestyle Summit, but that little bitch Covid rallied her prude friends and killed the vibe.  No fear though, like a cock on 3 Viagra pills, you can’t keep us down. We will be in town with the awesome DJ Krush, AKA Panty Dropper,  and all the energy that makes  EUC the best lifestyle club  in town.  If you can only make one party this year, make Deadwood your party.  The venue is one of the nicest we host at with spacious well appointed rooms, an onsite casino, and great food in two different restaurants.  You will want for nothing but a week off to recuperate from the weekend.  So drop your cocks, stop flicking the bean, stop dreaming of a being involved in a sexy train and get signed up while there are still rooms available.

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