We are celebrating one of the most iconic nightclubs ever at our Studio 54 party.  “The best party of your life” was a BBC headline defining the iconic New York, NY club that blended all of the different elements of NYC nightlife into one high energy club that in just 32 months changed the nightlife landscape forever.  Studio 54 parties were a melting pot of cultures where guests were free to be themselves without judgement.  Disco music, high fashion models and designers, gays and lesbians, celebrities,  drag queens, eclectic personalities and the beautiful people of NYC all dancing and mingling together, having fun as the country moved out of war and political turmoil.   As we move out of 2020 we want to embrace the Studio 54 experience at  EUC parties and welcome everyone to have the nights of their life, to give each of you the space to be your true selves.  Cum join us in welcoming each other as we create the new normal by looking back to this special place in time and learning how to be yourself by not being normal.

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