Let's Talk Sexy, the Energy Underground Show is a podcast that talks about hosting and attending lifestyle events and lifestyle topics from an event host’s perspective.  Each month we will pull back the curtains and share our experiences and viewpoints. Of course, we talk about what events we have held recently and what we have coming up so you can stay connected with EUC. In this show we also try to share ideas on how you can have a better experience attending and hosting events, and how you can prepare yourself for a great time.  Our podcast will be available on the second hump day (Wednesday) of each month right here and on all the normal podcast outlets. 

Looking to get to know the hosts better, get more content, and see the things we are talking about?  Well you are in luck!  We have a video version of our podcast that you can subscribe to.  By subscribing to the video access you will be helping to support the show.  We video the entire show and present it to you in a authentic way to make you feel like you are a part of a conversation among friends.  You will get a look at what we wore to the last Themed Party, the products that we review, and the craziness that gets edited out of the podcast.  Click Here to learn More

Have a question or a topic that you would like to have discussed?  Please send us an email at podcast@energyundergroundclub.com .

Set your calendar for Episode 1 release date 2/10/2021

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Episode 2

Attending Your First Party

In this Episode we discuss attending your first lifestyle party and what to expect, how to act, and what to avoid.  We will help you navigate getting prepared, feeling confident, and having a great experience.

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Episode 1

Introducing Let's Talk Sexy

In this Episode we introduce you to Let's Talk Sexy, the Energy Underground Show and the hosts.  We recap what we have been doing in 2020 and what 2021 holds for us.