A Video Subscription offers you access to the video version of our podcast, Let’s Talk Sexy, The Energy Underground Show.  We record the podcast and the video at the same time in our studio, but we do less editing to the videos to give you a behind the scenes look at what the EUC crew is really like.  We show you what we wore to the last themed party, the products that we review, and all the crazy things that seem to happen between great friends when we get together.  For $5.69 a month you get full access to our entire library and the pride of knowing that you are supporting a show dedicated to building a lifestyle community with more opportunities for great people to make sexy connections.

We are still working on the video portion of our show.  We are currently recording what we are doing and will be releasing videos soon. If you are interested in being notified when the video subscription feature is available please use the contact form below and we will make sure to give you a shout as soon as we are ready.