The Energy Underground VIP Rooms are small rooms that we set up in the main event room for you to have some private space for those more intimate needs.  These rooms are perfect for small groups, 3-6 people.  The VIP rooms are available for you to purchase and then become your private oasis in the the middle of the party; you can invite others in, close the door and do what consenting adults do, or you can use it as a space to relax and take a break from dancing.  We do ask that whatever you use these rooms for that you clean up after yourselves and be respectful of other guests and the venue staff.  If you are removing clothing you need to close the door.  We have several rooms available, read below for a description of each room.

Passion Retreat is a simple room with a couch and colored lighting.  The couch is 72 inches wide and is perfect for a little get to know each other cuddle.

Lovers Royal has a white leather couch that extends down one wall for plenty of room to discover each other.  This room includes a sweet treat, a chilled bottle of champagne and glasses for you and your guests.  With this room you will feel like the King/Queen of the party.

Genie’s Lamp is a seductive escape that has the ability to help you grant the sexy wishes of your guests.  Beautiful rugs and pillows adorn the soft mat that makes this lamp the perfect place to lay down and get more comfortable with your tonight partner(s).

Lover’s Lane is a throw back to crusin’ with your lover on Friday nights.  Diamond tuck upholstery, a rear view mirror to hang her panties from, and the soft glow of the dash lights make this the coolest place to hang out.